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Default Re: Vinyl Resurgence Thread

There's a reason things go away. I worked with a man who in the 60s and 70s was the guy who owned one of the first Moog synthesizers and wrote the very famous "Main St. Electrical Parade" music, and we were talking about the future of recorded music once and he surprised me when he said "Why would you want to go back to listening to music that way?" Les Paul was even said to tell a group of engineers at an Audio Engineering Society convention (and I paraphrase) "With all those bald heads out there, you'd think you'd come up with a better way to play music than to gouge a piece of vinyl with a diamond needle, or running rust-covered mylar over a pristine magnetic head".

Even in photography, film has died. And even before film died, people made photographs on glass plates, used all kinds of even more dangerous chemicals, etc.,....and all those processes are dead and gone.

I have tons of records from when I was a kid, and my favorites have now all become CD's. I agree I think its pretentious rubbish to only release your new album on vinyl, as you'd be cutting yourself off from potential sales online via places like iTunes.

This, like photography's seeming resurgence in film processes, will quickly die away too. Nobody really has the time to dedicate to it. I used to make cassette tapes of my albums so I can play it in the car - you really think anybody has the time to go back to doing that when they buy an album? Especially after they already know how quick it can be done when purchased digitally? I doubt it.
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