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Default Re: Vinyl Resurgence Thread

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
I prefer the experience. I just do. I've preferred it since I was young and I think it of it as an experience rather than simply sticking on a few tracks. It's a ritual and one I enjoy immensely.
I hear you. Exactly my feeling. Admittedly most of my music listening is by CD enroute somewhere in my vehicle, but *preferred* quality experience is going to my room downstairs and putting on vinyl.

Listening to an mp3 or CD is like coffee with one of those "Tassimo" thingies.
Listening to vinyl is like making an espresso, the old way with a stovetop pot.

Its great times, because as Steve mentioned, vinyl is cheap at yard sales, good old stuff to be found, and I am no hipster looking to buy newly packaged vinyl of Lady Gaga or some other autotuned wussie anyway.
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