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Default Video of new Pacific FS Birch kit

Just a quick demo before I headed off to work. Not really representative of my best playing, but I polished all of the drums last night and replaced most of the heads, set it up today and was able to fool around a bit. I realize some of the toms have some funky notes going on, I plan to fix that later. Kit doesn't like to stay in tune very long though.

The story for those of you that don't know, I found this on a Guitar Center used clearance. It had no hardware so I managed to pick it up for $160 out the door. That included the snare as well. Bought some hardware and cleaned it up a bit (was ratted out a bit and scratched up, had beer and pop residue on it). All in all it's not a bad kit, especially what I paid for it. I can certainly tell the difference between it and my Masters though - not even close. Thanks for watching tell me what you think!
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