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Default Re: calf skin heads

I took my dynasonic snare with the calf skin head to a jam again. I thought the snare head was broken in, I also thought the head was more sensitive to the temperature so instead of taking the drum in my trunk, I put it in the passenger seat and kept it warm during the trip.

This day I took the snare to the jam it was raining. I thought the drum with the calf-skin head would be a thermometer, but instead it is a barometer. I had to re-tune the snare several times during the jam, and it did not get a stable tuning until I brought it back home with me.

Ok, I still like the sound of the CT pro snare head, but I can not take this snare into an environment where it will not have time to acclimatized to the humidity and where I can tune the head appropriately for that room.

The experiment continues. Maybe I will try some of the Earth tone heads. They may have been treated to withstand more of the humidity changes.
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