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Default Re: A Craigslist fight broke out over original content bar bands,

I posted this:

re: blah blah blah
The only thing bad about people accepting to pay for nothing, is that eventually places to play will expect musicians to accept low payments. I don't think many people want to spend hours of practice only to barely cover the gas it took to get to the gig.

Now, some bars understand that paying more brings better music, and there are some of us who like to make a little money via music along with day jobs.

Just read this
Which was responded by this:

RE: Re: blah, blah, blah (everywhere)

You're absolutely right!!!!! I figure the only thing that can be done is for 'good' musicians to just refuse to play for the cheesy bastards' gigs unless they sign a legal contract we can use to take them to court if they screw with us. Yeah, I want to make some money for performing, too. But, it seems to me that if buyers insist on hiring the '$66 dollar bands' eventually their revenues will go down because, their customers will get tired of the shitty bands..... unless they only want to get DRUNK and "to hell with the music". Yeah, it seems like the music biz is going down the crapper.
Then this was posted:

RE RE RE Blah, Blah, Blah... -

You are ALL missing the point U dumb F_erz ;)
Over the last few years the economy went in the shitterr! No one was going out to "SEE BAND"!
There are LESS people around that go out anyway; (the baby boom was over 20 years ago!)
In order to FIX the problem The Bar AND Bands need to WORK TOGETHER to BUILD up or say TRAIN the people to want to go see bands again! I think that people want to go out to see good bands but there are none! All they see is 70s-90s cover bands! OR Fuked UP MPLS SAPPY crybaby, winning BS Bands!
You want to get people to love you? Write some songs that ROCK that you can dance too! NO techno! NO disco! NO M F-ing Slap happy Hiphoppy, rap SHIiiiiT! No screaming growling hair bands!
Just good old Modern ROCK SONGS!
The girls control the guy, if it's GOOD dancing rock that is not filled with BS! They will go out to hear and DANCE to it! The guys will follow the girls!

SIT DOWN WITH THE BARS! WORK WITH THE BARS! Make a PLAN that is fair to BOTH sides! It will take a few years but IT CAN BE DONE! nothing else is left! its the ONLY way!

AND STOP PISSING about it on CL!
Now this:

re: bla bla bla

ok... here is the real deal. I am 100% sure for as long as there have been instruments, and there have been people playing instruments, and singing songs.. on this planet... in all of history ..... Everyone of them HAVE PLAYED FOR FREE AT SOME POINT!!

Everyone has played music for free! Mozart, Keith Richards, Prince .... and anybody else you can think of that plays music has played for free at some point!!

If you say you have never played a gig for free there can only be only a couple of reasons for it..... either you have never played in front of people, or you can't play an instrument.....

So get off your high horse and shut the fuuuuuuck up!! Everyone here knows your not the only person in all of history that has always been paid for every fucking gig you have ever played...You are an idiot. So stop embarrassing yourself. And like I said before... if someone wants to play for free food, and a couple of drinks... there is no way in hell it will hurt "your" band.

"If" you have a good band you will make money with it "if" your band is is worth paying. And even if you have the best band in the world... YOU WILL BE PLAYING FOR FREE AT SOME POINT!!

It is NOT the guy thats playing at some restaurant for free fault. It is nor the restaurants fault for asking......... Really dude?
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