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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

my name is Nicholas Russell
I am currently 23 but will be 24 in a week or so if anyone wants to send me gifts!
I have been playing drums for close to 15 years
My top 5 drummers are....Derek Grant, Atom Willard, Chris Guglielmo, Jay Weinberg, and Travis Barker
I am currently drumsetless but will be picking up my new SJC kit next month
24x18 12x8 and 16x15 with a distressed black finish brass hardware yadiyadiyada
I currently use sabian cymbals
14"aaxcellerator 17 and 18 Aaxplosion 21" raw bell dry ride and 17" holy china
All DW hardware including 5000 series single pedal and sound percussion saddle style throne
I also love long walks on the beach, having my back rubbed and chinese food
I live in good ole 'Murica!
So im new to the forum, but very excited to be I dont have too man drummer friends...and my non drummer girlfriend is a little weirded out now that she knows what bearing edges are, all different style lugs, how to tune a drum and different metal contents of different cymbals :O ..needless to say I need someone to talk to

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