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TITLE: Morgan Ågren's Conundrum: A Percussive Misadventure

AUTHOR: Carl King



This more a documentary on a person than it is a performance DVD.

I love Morgan Agren but I found myself quite frustrated at the producer (Carl King), because he doesn't seem to understand that people buy a dvd about a drummer because they want to watch him drum.

Every performance played second fiddle to an interviewee talking. E.g There was footage of morgan doing a performance at some sort of clinic and instead of just letting us watch, we had the volume cut down and some guy talking about what Morgan was doing in the clinic. It's like the person who edited the movie doesn't think we would find the performance entertaining enough? And there was a jam with Tony Abbassi and some other great bass player and instead of seeing that jam, we have the same guys standing around in a kitchen talking about Swedish clothing or something.

There were plenty of wasteful scenes like some guys store where he keeps empty air tanks that were supposedly for Morgan to play on (which we never saw). I felt that this DVD was going to be like this before I bought it and I tried to find some reviews that confirmed my suspicions but there weren't, so here is one. It's not the type of movie that you'll come back to because you want to absorb more drumming, once you see it, you've seen it.

On the plus side, it was still an okay watch and there were some very honest insights on being a drummer, the music scene, maybe a little bit pessimistic but it was good to see who Morgan is as a person and I am happy to support him.

And because this dvd didn't give me what I really wanted, it made me more curious about his playing and I'm probably going to go and get the Mats/Morgan cd and study him a bit more.
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