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Default A Craigslist fight broke out over original content bar bands,

Is there ANY HOPE FOR REAL MUSIC at the bar? (minnesota)

I get it, most venues for bands are bars. Bands want to/need to play at bars. Bars want to make money. Bars need to sell booze to make money. Selling booze requires people to come to the venue AND buy booze. Making more money means selling more booze to said persons on given night at given venue. This requires said persons to spend more time at given venue. This means said persons must be entertained enough or be having continuous fun....or investing money on others having fun....increasing the chance of some "after bar" fun.

Now, why exactly is it that, in order for said persons to be having fun, it requires an "at-best mediocre" band performing THE SAME 50 overplayed, over-rated, mondane TOP 40 tunes at an "at-best mediocre" caliber? There is often absolutely NO passion, NO groove, NO dynamics, and at-best mediocre talent resonating from the stage alongside their "at-best mediocre" gear labeled with profanity such as "Peavey", "First Act", "Line 6", "Peavey" and "Peavey". Why is it that in order for a band to be successful in the bar scene, it requires said persons to look like absolute morons out on the dance floor doing the hokey-pokey with each other like f*cking marionettes splashing their $4 cup of beer around? This is an absolute embarrassment to the human specie. The dance floor is for dancing...swing dance, slow dance, line dance, I don't give a f*ck, just don't populate it with some half-assed-cerebral-palsy version of "The Twist". Walt Junior would at least make this shameful form of expression seem acceptable.

Why is it so hard for a REAL BAND, a SOBER band, with REAL TALENT, REAL skill, actual dynamics, a captivating sound, REAL PROFESSIONAL GEAR, playing REAL music, awesome music, timeless, groovey, killer tunes and have a KILLER sound to draw said idiots and become successful at the bar scene?

Is REAL music not drinkable to? Not really. Most people would be more attentive to what is happening on stage than how many ounces are left in their cup.
Most people would fill the dance floor with fists pounding in the air for an entire set before realizing they are thirsty.

I think most people are musical idiots. They are inexperienced. They can't tell quality from crap, or sh*t from Shinolah. They can't get a dead horse to rot, much less pick out a REAL group of musicians with an actual product to offer.

If everyone in the world picked up an instrument, the music business would be where it should be.

So, is there hope for real music at the bar scene?

Please reply with venues if you are aware of any that are interested in offering patrons a worthwhile product, versus GLORIFIED BACKGROUND MUSIC!


Response 1
re: Is there ANY HOPE FOR REAL MUSIC at the bar?

Sorry bro. Many claim the Twin Cities is a progressive music market. That was true until about 1970. Now all you will hear in clubs is the same set list we played in 1980. If you want to hear music, head for South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida. Talented bands playing quality music.

The TC club scene is a toilet waiting for a good flush!

Response 2
re: Is there ANY HOPE FOR REAL MUSIC at the bar? (poserville)

You need to find a different line of work. You refer to the public as 'idiots' several times and define groups by what equipment they use? So if somebody played 'Mustang Sally' on a Custom Shop Gibson through a Diezel amp, THAT would be OK?

When you play cover tunes in a bar, you are not being hired as an artist. You are being hired as a beer salesman. If you can't wrap your brain around that, step the hell back and leave the job to the professionals.

There's a big, wide wonderful world of music out there and there's plenty of room for all types and genres. Focus on what you can do and don't get hung up on everything else.

Response 3
RE: re: Is there ANY HOPE FOR REAL MUSIC at the bar? (TRUTH!)

I'm not on anyone's side here. . ..
I keep reading that the venues in MPLS "Twin Cities" want the bands to play for coffee and doughnuts.<-- (Metaphor!) and that the musicians need to bring their family and friend to fill the venue and the venue just sits back and racks in the cash!

And on the other side (The band) I keep reading that the "musician" have put in a Gazillion hours and they should get paid for that alone. And that it is the responsibility of the venue to promote the venue and the band!

Maybe by now you see the problem! And the FIRST band that gets it will start to make the cash!

In today's environment and the cheep marking tools out there "the venues and bands" could spend less then coffee and doughnuts to promote any show and bring it the crowds!!

I'm not saying anther word on this! You both need to figure the rest out on your own.

Response 4
re: re: Is there ANY HOPE FOR REAL MUSIC at the bar? (poserville) (TC attitudes)

"You are being hired as a beer salesman. If you can't wrap your brain around that, step the hell back and leave the job to the professionals."

Ergo, perhaps CL needs a section for musicians and a separate one for "beer salesmen".

I would agree that "idiots" is probably the wrong term to describe bar patrons. Perhaps ignorant would be an applicable term applied to some and at the same time I might suggest that many in the audience have better and wider tastes than the majority of "professional beer salesmen"; but they are merely too polite or too busy socializing to even be listening to "...the same set list we played in 1980."

Personally, I would rather hear a clean iTunes version of the original song playing through the house system than a cover band version that amounts to little more than live karaoke for the impression it leaves (but I digress...).

Without knowing the original poster's set list and definition of "real" music, it is hard to respond as to whether the TC is being deprived of hearing something other than "GLORIFIED BACKGROUND MUSIC" for his group not to be able to get bookings he feels are deserved...

Of course if bar business is down in general and live clubs are closing their doors it just might be due in part to audiences not wanting to hear "...the same set list we played in 1980." Patrons have no other way of telling the players that the music is stale other than to quit wasting their time and money at clubs not offering what they want to hear...

Clubs come and go; local music scenes come and go... and "real" musicians leave their home if that's what it takes to truly pursue the Muse...

At this point in time the TC isn't on any cutting edge... There is a lot of musical talent here, but it seems to be talent related to technique vs originality: Adding up to the plethora of cover bands and "demand" from so many posters that a band must be established and gigs must pay.

I don't know about the South today. I left there long ago because it was either blues, Southern rock or Athens, GA "college-alt" rock... The music I've heard recently from a couple of young bands each having 'Cherry' in their names don't make me think anything down South has changed too much. There is talent to be sure but related to a style or genre vs originality.

I saw some good creative local bands in Denver not too long ago... maybe legal weed might change things here...?

Response 5
Blah, Blah, Blah...
It's so hilarious to read some of the posts in here. "original vs. cover", "old vs. young", "Bands vs. bar owners",

Some young people telling the older people to just give up playing because their "to old".

Older people telling younger ones there to young to know what their talking about.

Bands complain about "not getting paid" by some of the bars.

Bitch bitch bitch......

I can honestly say that I have been all over and "this" market is just plain silly!! Why is everyone against everyone else here? Its so much better when people "musicians" come together for the common good.

Ripping someone apart just because their older, younger, less experienced, or because the play a different style than you do doesn't make you look better to anyone but yourself ...... But it does make you look childish, inexperienced, and arrogant to everyone everyone else "except you".

Get over yourselves... You people complaining about everything and everyone do not only look better to your peers.....

You will never learn anything if you keep slamming every door you come to just because it's not the same as your door.......

If someone wants to play for nothing big fucking deal. If you don't want to play for free ... Then don't play there.

Do you really think that a band playing at a bar for free is hurting your band? Do you really think its the bars fault for asking? Its no ones fault. Give it a rest go complain about something that really matters..... blah blah blah

Thought it was worth sharing.
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