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Default My First Vintage Restoration

This is my first project -
70's Premier
Started like this:
Name:  1379389_529590937132315_1119259381_n.jpg
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Name:  1553028_569653606459381_1627044050_n.jpg
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Wrap stripped:
Name:  1538868_570406936384048_1439666307_n.jpg
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And the Hardware clean up:
Name:  1544235_567506293340779_1648075824_n.jpg
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Name:  1598421_567506296674112_718502886_n.jpg
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Only been working on it a few day. So pretty please. Would have liked to have kept the wrap but with it coming from a school- so there was a lot of names scratched into it!

This is my first restoration and I'm enjoying it!
What do you guys think?
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