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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Mary,I have to give you high marks for trying to tackle that tune.It's certainly a classic,but is deceptivly difficult to sing,and get the lead guitar part right.Even the bass and drum parts are just rock solid.

Paul Rogers voice is just an amazing instrument.He takes a single lyric,and kind of does a mini run.

I don't know how many times you've sung or recorded that tune,but I'd bet Even Paul had to do some woodshedding with it.Same with the Christine Agulera version.

I'm not a big fan,but she's got a singular voice,and all the pro,but she said she and her band had to woodshed this tune also.

So overall,I'm no vocal coach but my impression is you have that basic instrument,and that's more than most can say.Just watch your timing and breath control,and focus on the notes.

I also think you did a much better job,then most would do with it.

More importantly,have fun with it.You looked like you were in the vid.Start doing some vocal excises with a metronome,...the same way you practice playing drums.I'm sure you can find some scales to practive on youtube.

Right now,it's just a raw instrument,but a great foundation.

Steve B
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