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I will also post this on a post of its own incase it gets buried.
but to make a long story short. im redoin my kit. The whole thing. I will update my progress as it goes but This is my first time actually doing anything like this.
Heres what I have planned.
  • Complete respray of the drums (mabye the hoops havent decided) plain white with green splatters on it.
  • Reskin all drums with some new heads I plan on purchasing for my birthday
  • New crash cymbal (my current meinl hcs is at a laughable state of destroyed beyond repair)
  • To mount a single tom by the cymbal stand
and since I am a newbie at this and a teen at that I have a budget of roughly 200 to get all the paint mounts and everything. mabye 250 if I push it.
So I have a few questions.
1)How the hell do I do this?
2)How will i mount a tom if my mount has no passthrough for the tom mount (pics below)
3)What paint do I need to use?Will spray paint do? And what should I do if i accidentaly rip some of the wood off while taking of the wrap on the shells? will wood filler do?

I know im asking alot but If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.
(any suggestions also for equipment I should buy. I play punk rock if that matters I dont think it does that much though)
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