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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Originally Posted by AudioWonderland View Post
I have used the C02 on snare several times. A little more finnicky about drum choice and positioning than a 57 but when it works its great.

Did you say you used the c02 on the kick drum too?
Its working ok so far. My main focus is getting a good snare sound out of it, which it is almost doing. It still sounds a flat to my ear, but that could be a tuning issue. The heads are old and could be changed out.

Here is another track I did yesterday. I really just wanted to hammer something out and see what it sounded like in a mix, so it isn't perfect and the drums are pretty boring. The snare is a too loud in this mix, but overall for this being day 2 of my mic'ing experience I am pleased. I figure when I actually know what I'm doing I'll be able to achieve great results.

The kick is the Samson Qkick that came in the mic kit. It sounds absolutely thunderous. The heads are tighter than I would normally have them just to get rid of the "dodge ball on gym floor" sound, and I opted to put in a flat pillow as opposed to my normal nothing in mindset.
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