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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Andy, you can rest assured that Emma's father was not a local tradesman. Really strong family resemblance. It sounds like she's on for an exciting time!
Thank you for that comfort Grea ;)

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

Wow, thats massive, Andy. Bollywood is about 3 times the size of Hollywood, so there's a serious career & big bucks out there potentially. Maybe she can fund the Guru marketing program very soon ; ))

G'luck, Emma.

Thanks Abe. I know you have experience in this sector. Certainly, any insights you have would be useful. Emma's agent is currently checking out the director & production company. To date, both have communicated freely. Lucky that Emma's agent is of Indian decent :) Of course, I have all the usual parental concerns, but so long as they're satisfied, I'm happy about the opportunity. Let's face it, any major film business is difficult to break into for a young actress, so I'm pretty excited by the potential. Small steps.
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