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Andy, you can rest assured that Emma's father was not a local tradesman. Really strong family resemblance. It sounds like she's on for an exciting time!

Duncan, Maybe next incarnation, darls. Have attached evidence to show how forlorn it would all be. No amount of soft focus and clone stamping could save you :)

The piece sound a lot like Metal Machine Music to me, Duncan, but I'm no connoisseur.

I did a noise piece about pain too, called Cold Shower (which I have attached, though I consider it a failed experiment). In my 20s I decided to have exclusively cold showers as some kind of crazy test of my willpower. This continued for nine months.

When you have a cold shower you go through stages. First is the shock. Then you get a bit used to it for a while until the coldness builds up again until it's unbearable! That was the hardest stage to get through but if you did you'd go into a more peaceful phase again before really having to get out.

Quite a trip.
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