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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone! New player here. I'm looking forward to gaining knowledge and insight from some of you more experienced folks.

Real Name? Robert
Age? 32
How long have you been playing? Just starting, but I have been a guitar player for 16-17 years. I've played in several bands and owned a couple drum kits over the years, but this will be the first time I have made a legitimate attempt at playing.

Origin of user name? I was a Firefighter in the USAF.

Top 5 drummers? Tough question, but I'd say Dave Grohl and Stevie Wonder are two that really make me pick up some sticks. I am a fan of simple (a term I use respectfully) beats like from The Black Keys.

Make of Drum Kit? DW Performance Series 5 piece. Actually took a rack tom away for now because I'm trying to focus on basics and snare work.
Make of Cymbal? Sabian HHX 14 hats, HHX 18 crash, HHX 16 crash and 21 hand hammered ride.

Where do you Practice? Music room at home.
Are you in a band? Sometimes... Not presently, but I play guitar, bass and keys(poorly) whenever and with whomever I get a chance.

Favorite takeout food? Sushi
What Country do you live in? USA

One really odd fact about myself? I'm pretty boring...

How did I get into drumming? Somebody left a drum kit at my house when I was 15 or 16. It inspired me to seek out a band to play with. Found one fairly quickly but they were lackig a guitar player so I shifted focus. I have spent some time behind kits though and am not completely clueless. I would rate my self somewhere between beginner and intermediate, but completely lacking in natural talent and coordination.

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