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Default Re: Used Roland TD9 vs New Roland TD11KS

I had a TD-9 v.2 module a few months back. It doesn't add a ton more sounds than the v.1 TD-9, but if you like a few more snare sounds and some more bass drum sounds I suppose it is worth it.

You get a bit more tuning capabilities with the TD-9 than you do with the TD-11, but the TD-11 sounds may be a bit better right from the start.

You get more sounds with the TD-9, but some of them are probably a bit crap. There is also a lot more support for the TD-9 than the TD-11 as it has been out a lot longer and is a mid-level kit instead of an intro kit. So companies like Vexpressions has a number of custom tuned packs that you can purchase. They only offer one pack for the TD-11.
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