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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Originally Posted by MarbleGT View Post
Thanks! I had to play with the kick quite a bit, tuning and muffling wise. The kick is actually tuned up more than I normally would, but following someone's advice a cranked it up and tuned it like a tom and then detuned it until it started sounding like a canon. There is a flat pillow in it and the heads are the Emad2 system with muffle rings on both batter and reso. The front of the mic is just barely inside the port hole up front.

C02 all the way. Incredible little CHEAP mics. =)

I downloaded some drumless tracks that I wanted to wait until I've got video for, but I'm chomping at the bit to record stuff now. I'll update you when I'm officially up and running.
I have used the C02 on snare several times. A little more finnicky about drum choice and positioning than a 57 but when it works its great.

Did you say you used the c02 on the kick drum too?
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