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Default Re: First song you ever remember hearing...

Originally Posted by eclipseownzu View Post
I grew up with music on all the time. My moms boyfriend when I was a kid was a wedding DJ. This was back in the late 70's so he had like 100 milk crates full of albums. I grew up with music on in the house, in the car, at the park, everywhere all the time.

The first music I considered my own, separate from what my parents listened to, was Def Leppard. The pyromania album really got me set on a lifetime love of rock music.
Great buildup to your story. You had me at the edge of my seat, only to be let down by Def Leppard being the punchline. Lol.. Kidding. Funny what we remember. I was hoping for something gritty R&B, like Bill Withers or Ohio Players :)
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