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Default Re: First song you ever remember hearing...

Originally Posted by Flareless View Post
Casting my hazy mind way back I'd have to say it's Windy by Ruthann Friedman and recorded by The Association. "Everyone knows it's Windy". I was 3 when it was released.
LOL I remember that! I thought it was Wendy so I've learned something :)

No idea what was first. There was also "my heart went boom boody boom boody boom ... goodness gracious me" ... I think it was Peter Sellers, too lazy to Google it.

There was the call tune for the midday movies that always made me cry for some reason. Telstar made me cry too - there was some goofy little video to it that got to me. Sgt Peppers with the cardboard cutout cover was awesome.

Just at band practice tonight between songs we reminisced on, "They're coming to take me away haha hoho heehee to the funny farm ..." and how the flipside was the same thing backwards - used to scare the dust out of me :)


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