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Default Re: Mental health check

So sad to hear. The level of desperation must be unthinkable.

I've witnessed first hand the affects of depression in those suffering illness. I know it's not directly related to the subject at hand, but it's all the same bucket of crap, just a different trigger. Hopelessness is the key element. The lack of ability, for whatever reason, to see a way forward. There's always hope, but if it seems out of reach, you're in a dark place, & a very private dark place too. You're convinced that others can't help, no matter how well intentioned or equipped they may be. Of course, that's not true most of the time, but the sufferer fails to grasp that.

A few years ago, I was a very ill boy. It was actually my illness that brought me back to drumming after a couple of decades away. During my illness, I found myself in real mental trouble. My diagnosis was very poor. Luckily, I had many things to live for, not least of all my wife & children. These made the difference for me, but others may not be so lucky. I clearly remember my mental state turning point. I was in hospital when my heart stopped (again). My wife & son were next to me. I remember the crash team running towards me. At that point I looked at my son & saw his face. I will never forget his face as he watched his father fade away.

That was my wakeup call - big time. Luckily, I have the constitution to put one finger up at challenges, & forge ahead. Many are not built this way, & they often succumb to the darkness that is all consuming.

The message is, there's always hope, & sometimes it just takes a trigger to turn things around. If you know someone who you suspect is struggling, take time out to be that positive trigger.

Sorry to hear of your friend Bill. Truly a sad waste indeed.
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