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Default Re: Used Roland TD9 vs New Roland TD11KS

It can be updated to v2, but from what I understand you have to send it to roland and pay like $75. I was kind of in your situation about 9 months ago.

I had a slightly larger budget and I had been building a kit around an spd30 so I had a bunch of pads and a vh11. I wound up buying a td15 for 650. I chose it over the the 9 because all the guys at said the newer modules were way better. I have played a td9 and the 11/15's do play better.the 9 does not suck tho. I chose the 15 over the td11 because it had 100 kits and 500 sounds and tons of effects. After 9 months... I love the 15. But I use 10 kits. And I don't touch about 450 of the sounds and none of the effects. I'm pretty sure I'd be just as happy with the td11. The 11/15 you can jam along with mp3 and .wav files from a USB stick. You can also record insane sounding drums directly onto a PC. You don't need a interface or anything.

As a beginner I'd go td11 and try and get mesh pads. I play acoustics live, but at home pretty much only my roland kit. Love it.
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