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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
Either that or I'm just plain clueless! :)

The guy has emailed me back and seems interested. Says he likes the thought of a female lead singer because there aren't too many in the Cincinnati area. I would suspect that especially true in the classic rock genre. So....I'll talk to the BF tonight and if likes what this guy had to say, then we'll set up a time to meet in person this weekend. Oh my...what have I done???

Guess I better work up a few songs, huh? I did tell him I liked Melissa Etheridge so I have a couple of those I can sing and then last night I was working on Free's All Right Now..That should give him an idea anyways. This will either be awesome or crash and burn for sure!
Reality check on the way....

Stay tuned!
Mary,..just my opinion,but the Live version of "Allright Now",with Paul Rogers and Bad Company just Rocks,with a capitol R.His phrasing and timing are a little different,and he make it a bit more..audience participation friendly.I've also heard some great female covers.

I give you props for taking a tune like that on.Lots of range there.Please post your version....:):)

Steve B
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