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Default YouTube Protip, from a web guy

So.... YouTube is poised to be somewhat of a "television replacement" in the coming days. If you want to begin taking advantage of this medium then here's a simple and effective way of controlling your content remotely on any webpage that your vids are contained within.

Go set up a "Playlist" in YT and add all the great and cool videos you wish to share, then grab the "share" or "Embed" code for that playlist. So when you post a list of vids that feature your playing to say, this site rather than sharing a SINGLE video you are sharing a COLLECTION of vids that will be very easily managed by you. Doesn't matter what site it's on.

So when someone sends me a request for a "video for their site" (such as an endorsing company) I send them either the link to the playlist or the embed code.

Also, I wrote a somewhat humorous article for my web dev site on the whole YT sharing and "Fan Videos" thing, after having been busted by Virgil Donati for posting a little 2min snippet of his playing at a club. I also struck up a friendship with his media manager as well. See it here:

Well OK! I'm sure I'll be posting more fun web related stuff to help my fellow musicians get gigs and succeed. We all gotta help each other because drummers are...well...drummers! :D

Best Regards,
Bill Ray

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