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Default Re: Roland V-Drums - Opinions?


I have a set of roland TD-10's and have played them in live gigs for a Long time. The age old argument, "electronics will never play or feel like acoustic drums." While this is true, playing electronic drums is basically like learning a new instrument all together. They respond differently yes, but with enough time and practice you can perform all the licks and rolls just as well on an electronic kit as you can an acoustic kit. As for the way they sound, it could take up to 60 hours to tweek and tune your module to get it just right. You also need the power to push them. Without the right stage system and main system then they are not worth having. There are pros and cons to electronic drums, but if you spend the time to learn the internal aspects of how the v-drums work, and have the right sound system pushing them, then no they have the advantage over acoustic drum.
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