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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I can't tell you how many singers I know...singers with good voices...who don't understand song form. Meaning when someone is taking a solo, these singers can't hear the chord progressions, or can't hear that the soloist needs a 2nd time around the progression to culminate their solo to a peak. I've seen so many singers cut the solo short to come back in with their vocals.
This is SO true! I am working with a young singer right now who has a super voice, but hasn't developed a good sense of meter or song structure yet. I like working with her, though, because she is eager to learn and knows it's important for a singer to know these things. I've actually started giving her informal drum lessons to help develop her sense of time and tune up her ears to listen to the song. She's grown by leaps and bounds.

You just went about it the other way, Mary! Drums, meter, and song structure first, then develop the voice. I think it's fantastic. Drummers who can sing, even backing vocals, are in demand in my area.

It's a great thing you're doing!
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