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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Sorry to join in the derail, but if you noticed, each time Shemp got into it with everyone, the issue was not that he stated a dissenting opinion about the topic at hand, but instead took issue with the way others were doing things on the forum. Anyone who comes onto an internet forum and starts talking about their right to this or that is off track. It's like being a guest in someone's home and acting in a way your host doesn't appreciate, and then telling your host why he/she is wrong to take offense.

He was generally polite enough, but what some people don't seem to notice is that he was fairly manipulative, and was smart enough to do it in a very round-about way so that the reactions to his statements could always be blamed on the ones reacting. He was pretty benign, in my estimation, but that type of manipulative behavior CAN be very destructive, and most people won't even realize they've been manipulated.

His is a difficult personality type for many to deal with.

Just best to move on, I think, since he has removed himself.

And I will state that all this is just my opinion, man.

And back to Mary, nice singing. Keep at it.
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