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Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Duncan, your Glen spotting skills are shockingly impressive!
Wouldn't he draw some conclusions from your pattern description, to make spotting him a bit more difficult next time? haha
Y'see, that's the beauty of it.

He does change things around (like the email addresses, etc.) but the manner of posting is something that's been built up over a lifetime of communication with others. For Glen to change that would be very difficult and would require a significant effort and even then, signs would show through.

Let me put it this way. We all have our own style of writing. That style has particular traits, terms and characteristics that are unique. No two people communicate in quite the same way. In my case, I fluctuate between short and long sentences and use certain words. It's very obvious it's me and it's a force of habit.

If I tried to change how I post, it would be a very forced and conscious effort and meant that I was less able to express myself. Glen is somebody that likes to express his thoughts in a particular way and trying to change his manner of expression would perhaps provoke anxiety or at the very least make the expression ineffectual. So he might try to change it now I've given the game away but I guarantee that if he does come back, even if he does change his posting style, he'll give himself away eventually.
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