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Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Are you sure? If I knew it for a fact I'd ban him within seconds. But not if it's a suspicion only.
Bermuda's already done it.

I'll explain the pattern of Glen's posting:

Particular grammar and phrasing. I can't explain it, other than I know it when I see it. Especially uses the word 'buddy' and is passive-aggressive, with smileys after contentious posts.

Almost always posts first in a Mapex-related thread first.

After a few posts, feels the need to start making digs at other members, particularly me. That started on the 'film' thread. After posts he doesn't like reach a critical mass, he starts on the attack proper.

Note how he referred to 'Guru' drums in all-caps. That's a Glen trait. He also refers to old members in first-name terms - something that doesn't typically happen when somebody has been on the board less than a month.

Lastly, the email address. He set up a new one for this account. In the past, that's how he's been rumbled and his current system is to hide the address or set up a new one. A Google search will confirm that it's a new account by not returning any hits. Even accounts that aren't used regularly usually return some kind of information on a search but an almost brand-new account won't.

Yes, it's circumstantial evidence but it builds up quickly. We've all seen Glen enough times on this board to know what these patterns look like and it's very individual. If I did the same thing as Glen, you'd be able to pick me out the same way from my posting pattern.
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