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Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
Then maybe it's the Saturns that do it to you. Something in the varnish that infects your mind...? The badges... the huge, shiny badges...
They are quite mesmerizing....

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
How was it not blindingly apparent that this is a person who has become quite special to members of this forum, members who have watched her abilities as a drummer virtually unfold before our very eyes? How could it be that the clod didn't know enough to keep his mouth shut?

I remember this guy, and I have no pity for him. In attacking Mary, he attacked the other members of this forum who have taken a special interest in Mary's development as a musician. He's done this sort of thing before. So I say good riddance.
Wow, you're going to get me all misty if you don't stop. I am humbled kind sir.

Originally Posted by CCdrummer View Post
Didn't Sticks and Shemp both worship at the altar of Peart?

Oh my God, this means I am most likely next.
I think you're safe...I believe there are several worshippers we can sacrifice before you.
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