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Default Noob from Indiana! Air Guitar & Drums brought me here

Hey guys, I'm from Evansville, IN and here locally we had a radio station do a contest on who could play the best air guitar or instrument. Long story short, I ended up winning after a little video editing, and what I found out later on was my song choice (Iron Maiden).

I ended up winning a drum set from a local shop so I was able to get a kit for free, which is awesome because I've always wanted to learn drums, and feel I have rhythm, I just can't seem to get it out of my head.

Below are a couple videos (Including my air band video that won the contest)

Let me know some things I can work on, the videos are just messing around and playing things by ear, I know there is a whole timing thing to go with it, but I just play what's in my head at the time, and try to learn all the sounds the kit offers.

Kit is a Gretsch Renegade set BTW.

Here is my Air Band Contest Video ;)

My first time playing after I set up the kit

This was a few days ago, hadn't practiced any since the first video, still messing around
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