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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Well, it seems that this thread was the chosen one... much to Shemp's disgrace...

I'm sorry in a way that Shemp felt like leaving this forum after Grunt's warning... but it was Shemp's decision to be banned... not the mods, not Mary.... but himself, he could of course had apologized to Mary and moved on... but no, strongly stubborn guy I guess... well his shoes, not mine

It's fine to have an opinion and post it on the forum, it's equally fine to disagree with anyone's opinion, the key word is respect... and trying to change someone's opinion with strong arguments and/or explanations is the way to go IMO, it can be done with humour too and definitely with respect, it's what I tried to do here and in other threads for his sake, but his proud stubbornness wouldn't not allow him to acknowledge his lack of history of the members which make this forum what it is, but we shouldn't have to go to battle and call out names... nothing comes out good out of a fight. Knowledge is power and power is knowledge, before anyone of us make a comment in anyone's post, we should know a little about a member's history here on DW...

just my 2c on the shemp's episode...

I agree with you Andy :)
+1 Henri.In addition all I can say about the graphics is....hubba....hubba..leopard print all around.:):) keep on singing and posting.You have the gift of a unique sounding voice,so just keep working with it,and we'll keep enjoying it.

Steve B
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