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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Great singing, Mary. I really enjoyed it.

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
You know what? I haven't seen _one single post_ by him that was aggressive, trolling, stirring things up or whatever. _None!
I thought this response he gave to me was passive aggressive, which is how a guy like that operates. But he didn't just insult me with this post. He was insulting everyone (passive aggressively of course).

Originally Posted by shemp:
its a great movie...i do not fancy myself being like the dude nor could I be like the dude. The point of the avatar was grossly misunderstood thus I put the admiral there instead. Apparently to understand the comedic relief behind a guy like me having the dude as an avatar requires an IQ higher than 76.
But that was in response to my trolling on him. Not heavy trolling, but passive aggressive. Myself, I would have used a comma after the word apparently, but I still don't understand the comic relief.
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