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Because Phil Collins has done some fairly uninteresting and banal solo projects it has become too easy to discount his drumming prowess. There are still few drummers that are instantly identifiable by their sound and their technique. Phil Collins is clearly one of them; you can tell it is him from the first four bars. Not only did he develop his own sound (something incredibly hard to do) but he developed a technique which is the envy of many who listen closely.

I confess I listen to him less now than when I was young but he was one of the reasons I learned to play. After taking lessons for several years I became a Genesis fan. I would practise to Seconds Out every day (we are talking back in about 1978 ish) until I could play my way through the whole album (pausing in the middle to put the second LP on - I know what a strange concept that is to many who post here!). Several years later I went back and actually learned some of the songs rather than just playing along - and they are complicated, inventive and tight!

In the middle 1980's I was lucky to meet him after a show at the Manchester Apollo. Setting aside the awkwardness of meeting someone after a show, when they are in their own element - he was gracious and supportive and seemed genuinely interested in taking drums.

On Drummerworld we don't knock Ringo and we don't knock Charlie - for the same reasons (and for some different ones) we shouldn't knock Phil!

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