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Default Re: Another singing vid...

So I feel that I need to make one final comment here on the Shemp issue to address Arky's comments.

My initial plan was to ignore him and if you go back and look at the thread, I did at first. After others had made comments and he came back still questioning my motives is when I chimed in. Even then, what I asked of him was to ignore my posts if he had nothing constructive to say. While I did call him a troll (which I still feel he was) I never asked him to leave or to be banned entirely from this site. That was his own choosing after being duly warned by a moderator.

I really do believe in allowing people to express their opinions, even if they are against me. I'm a big big girl and can take it. What I can't take is someone coming in and saying things just to stir things up which I believe was often Shemp's intent. Nobody needs that.

And just to clarify on why I posted this here in the first place, it was to get a little insight on my strengths and weaknesses in singing. This is something I've been trying for all of 2 months and I felt safe coming here. I did not do it for "warm fuzzies" but for constructive comment.b if you would have said I didn't have what it takes, I would have understood because I know you would have been honest and kind about it. Shemp's comments offered nothing in the way of criticism of my singing, good or bad, they were just snarky, in my opinion.

In the end, I am sorry that anyone was banned or more appropriately said, left because of this thread or anything I said. However, I do feel it was something he brought on himself and if he had chosen to stay would have only gotten worse with time. Just my opinion. Again, I apologize for causing such an uproar.

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