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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Sorry Mary, I missed this thread (kinda busy, so forum speed scanning TBH), but yet again, I'm really pleased with your singing. Of course (& I really get this), there's a hesitancy in your performance confidence, but that will come with time & mileage. You have the pipes - no doubt about that. That's one hell of a foundation to move forward from, especially your range of pleasing tones, something you can't really fake. Nice job!

Originally Posted by sonnygrabber View Post
I just want to say here, (because I don't know where else to say it),
Sorry, I'm in the same boat here. I'm not going to go into rambling detail, save to say that I have mixed feelings about this, some of which Arky has already eluded to. That said, coming onto this thread to suggest (no matter how well worded) Mary posted her singing purely as an ego stroking exercise, is plain disrespectful of someone else's feelings, especially someone who's probably (please forgive me here Mary) not yet confident in her performance. That's insensitive, to say the least, & Shemp is intelligent enough to work that out for himself.

This place shouldn't wrap people in cotton wool though, & counter opinion should always have a place here, without fear of vilification. You would think, on the surface, I would be pleased that Shemp is gone. You'd be wrong. I supported the validity of his opinion on my thread that Arky refers to. My reaction was due to cumulative opinions expressed, not just Shemp's, as I assume Arky's post implies.

Ultimately, displeasure at Shemp's post (re: Mary's motives for posting) was posted by members, Grunt issued a "reminder" post, Shemp reacted negatively to that, & requested his account be terminated. It's done, & all round, a disappointing episode on every level.
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