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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Shemp... this singing thread has its place on this forum, as is Arky's thread about his guitar playing and it's in the correct section of the forum....

...but, the real reason is that we've been giving Mary advice and encouragement since she started drumming about 2 years ago (?) , we've been watching every step and progress on a regular basis, seen her forming her first ever band and playing her first ever gig, so she is our Mary, and her determination and dedication is an example for many of us.

Just very recently, Mary started to play the drums and sing at the same time... and WE told her that she should practice singing on her own (without the drums) to get comfortable, hence this thread to show how much she progressed. Most of us wants her to upload these threads, we'll be worried if she didn't... :)

The whole goal is to sing and play the drums a la Don Henley or Phil Collins...

So this explaining that... I hope you understand the point of this thread, it's in the right forum :):):)
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