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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Originally Posted by shemp View Post
I did speak for myself....and you spoke for yourself, no if you'll excuse me, I'm going to head over to my favorite guitar forum and post some drumming videos for public consumption and to get some validation and warm fuzzies.....I'm sure someone on there can tell me how I play top heavy and help me out....or maybe they will direct me to a drumming forum.
You know, Shemp, I posted this in the off topic section for a reason. Why is it you feel you have to stir things up all the time? I was willing to give you a chance after the whole GURU/KIS debacle but I see you've come back around to your own troll self. Next time you see a post from me, please do me a favor and ignore it. I'll do the same for you. I'm allowed to post whatever I like within reason. If the moderators don't care, why do you? If you don't like what I have to post and don't have anything constructive to say, then say nothing. I don't mind criticism but mean spirited blather is uncalled for. I've been posting on this forum for 3 years. I'm a drummer trying something new and wanted some feedback from people I trust to be supportive and kindly critical when needed. Nothing more, nothing less.
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