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Default Re: Another singing vid...

Originally Posted by shemp View Post
I'm not qualified to judge anyone on their singing....

It seems that getting singing validation from drummers is analogous to getting drumming validation from singers..while there might be some nice comments, I don't think one is going to get the real constructive criticism one needs...or any feedback that might promote growth

I would put this on a singing forum...or if you have a vocal coach show it to them where you can get some real useful feedback. For instance a vocal coach may tell you that you are a natural singer and that could drive you even harder...or they might tell you where you need improvement and give you some exercises.

This here is just a feel good thing.
Drummers might not be able to tell a singer what to do differently, just as singers might not be able to tell a drummer what to do differently.

But a drummer knows when singing sounds good, just as a singer knows when drumming sounds good (or bad).

On top of that, there are many multi-instrumentalists around here, and almost certainly some suitably qualified singing types.
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