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Default Re: Is there any way to visually tell if the hihat footboard spins?

Originally Posted by cDark3r View Post
Crap. It does not rotate. I just got a response from Gibraltar saying:" The footboard does not rotate, but the leg brace system does to allow for a double pedal." And honestly, I don't understand how a "leg brace" system (Whats that?) can allow a slave pedal to fit. It is still has three legs and I've already tried once with a double pedal on my tri-legged stand and that is a tight fit. Now I'm disappointed. Crap.

Pretty clear to me.

Why would anyone want the foot board to rotate? Foot board is fixed, the legs (leg system) is what needs to move.

The 'leg brace system' is the legs, and they're saying they rotate "...can allow a slave pedal to fit". What's confusing is in reality if the legs (system) stays in one place, the foot board will rotate. Foot board is seen as fixed in the set up tho, they say "leg brace system (can rotate) allow a slave pedal to fit."

Again, others have pointed out the the locking screw for the rotating legs and GIBRALTAR wouldn't put a plastic bushing where there wasn't movement, that's a dead giveaway.

Some older rotating TAMA designs have no plastic bushing and the legs rotate, but those designs are 20+ years old and are the earliest (if not the first).
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