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Default Re: Share your favorite more obscure movie

Oh, I forgot some. Though neither are too obscure, check out Y Tu Mama Tambian and La Haine. The former is a heavy hearted look at coming of age and sexual discovery (by that guy that did Gravity and Children of Men, you may have heard of him) and the latter is a gritty, incredible look at poverty and oppression of minorities that sits on the same throne as City of God.

Truckfighters Fuzzomentary is all about Truckfighters, the greatest band in the universe. Re-Animator is an over the top, low budget, cult action/comedy/horror movie. Ed Wood is the best most forgotten Tim Burton movie. I'll restate the 6 Lone Wolf and Cub movie, 1970's exploitative chanbara flicks that are violent and cool precursors to Kill Bill, as is Lady Snowblood, but I found that less badgrass.

The Raid: Redemption is not an obscure action film but it is full of balls to the wall kung fu, but not for the faint of heart. Tai Chi Master is great wire-fu from Jet Li and I love that you can see all the wires. Wing Chun on the otherhand, is Michelle Yeoh kicking butt showing off her skills, all the while crazy multi-layered romance subplots are going on, but they are mostly played for laughs, but it's directed by action legend Yuen-Woo Ping and I love it.

And guys, the Korean Oldboy (don't watch the unnecessary American remake unless you're a philistine (speaking of which, check out the Squid and the Whale)) isn't obscure, but I'll go so far as to say I Saw the Devil is. Just as hard to watch and utterly disgusting, but a perfect film staring Min Chik Soy and the korean guy in the new GI Joe movies I haven't seen. There's also Chan-Wook Park's other films, notably Lady Vengeance.

Also not too obscure and Asian, Akira Kurosawa's Kagemusha and Throne of Blood are too often overlooked. Both are samurai epics, while Throne of Blood is the best version of MacBeth out there, period. Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccor is wacky slapstick humor and that cute girl from John Woo's sweeping action epic, Red Cliff (watch the five hour version. It's awesome. Like Lord of the Rings but they use real extras, so there's battles with, like, hundreds of people.)

I heard of a movie called The American Astronaut that I haven't seen, but it's like a space musical or something. The premise is interesting, definitely, and all the music is done by some band no ones ever heard of. I've also never seen Karate-Robo Zabogar, but I want to, and you should too.

Submarine is an adorable Welsh(?) movie that is very Rushmore-esque but can still hold it's own against Wes Anderson. Singham is this horrendously paced but brutally funny and strange Bollywood action film that goes from sucide to slow mo walking to marriage jokes like it's no one's business.

And finally, Infernal Affairs is that awesome Hong Kong crime thriller with great acting and character development that Martin Scorsese "remade" (ripped off) and won Oscars for. This is the best version.Only the headshot scene is worse than in the Departed, although in the Departed's case they opened up extra plot holes for the sake of looking cool for the kiddies.
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