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Default Re: Is there any way to visually tell if the hihat footboard spins?

Originally Posted by cDark3r View Post
Crap. It does not rotate. I just got a response from Gibraltar saying:" The footboard does not rotate, but the leg brace system does to allow for a double pedal." And honestly, I don't understand how a "leg brace" system (Whats that?) can allow a slave pedal to fit. It is still has three legs and I've already tried once with a double pedal on my tri-legged stand and that is a tight fit. Now I'm disappointed. Crap.
The tripod (leg system) has a wingnut at the top and a drum key bolt at the bottom. If you loosen both, the tripod will rotate. If you are right footed, rotate it counter-clockwise, clockwise if you are a lefty. This will allow you to place your kick pedal and hi-hat pedal right next to each other without the legs being in the way. This stand will do what you want.
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