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Default Re: Does Pearl Hardware still rock?

The best hardware Ive used is Sonor - followed by Yamahas heavier hardware too. Both companies offer well made, super durable hardware that really held up.
Both of their older 80s hardware series are incredible and were almost overbuilt, just great quality there.

The older Tama Titan hardware was also very well designed and built to hold up. Tama lost me when they went to Roadpro midline hardware and then tried to market it as their top range. It was crazy, and the hardware they have now cant touch the Titan stuff they used to make.

this "newer" Pearl and the tama roadpro stuff wears out so quick...and yesss, gearless tilters and tom arms DO wear fast and get play in em. Theyre much cheaper for the companies to design and go with, less parts to manufacture, no metal crafted geared teeth for them to make ...but geared/tooth tilters can lock in and hold things tight - the gearless 'disc" tilters can and do slip, at some point they all will.
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