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Default Groovin to the Boz with Jeff

Just re-discovered Boz Scaggs' '77 album "Down Two Then Left," courtesy of YT.
Without realizing who the drummer was, I was marveling at the tight, flowing, definitive grooves on the drumming track; surfed over to Wikipedia to read that the drummer was none other than the great Jeff Porcaro.

The more I hear Jeff, the more I appreciate how less is more, especially with the tasteful fills and patterns that sound easy, but take a while to transcribe on the set.
The recording dynamics were clear enough to easily discern Jeff's brilliant playing and his drum kit's tones as well. It was a confirmation that using a clean, dynamic technique help bring out the songs' intentions.
So much solid and SMOOTH technique to appreciate as a drummer--to absorb and learn from, incorporate into my own playing.
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