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Default Another singing vid...

Since I'm not drumming in this one, I thought I would post it in the off-topic lounge. I am sitting at my drums however :) Why? 1 - I can hide; 2 - it's where I'm most comfortable; 3 - it's where my equipment is Anyways, don't worry, I haven't given up my drumming it's just that none of my songs where I'm drumming and singing are ready for public consumption yet...but I'm working on it...a lot! It's getting a little easier but still lots of work to do to get comfortable doing both. I'm loving it though and I have to say that doing both has improved my skills somewhat. Singing seems to help my drumming and vice-versa.

In the meantime...this is just one I did tonight. It's a song called Second Chance by Shinedown. Still a little rough around the edges and there's a slight mess up at the end but all-in-all I like where it's headed. Listen if you're so inclined :)
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