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Default Re: Dunnett R-4L 2011/12 Model Vs 2013 Model???

Originally Posted by WalterKohn View Post
Hello to all,

This is my first post, but I have used this site for reference for about 2 years. Basically I have a 6.5x14" Black Beauty which I just bought new from Guitar Center about a week ago. The stock "P-85 Strainer" busted in one session...... "Who woulda thought right.." So I looked into alternative throw-off's, Trick, P-86 and the not to sure what the real name is Dunnett R4-L or Gibraltar Dunnett "L Style" throw off. After searching online and reading forums and posts I decided to go with the R4-L.

I ordered it from DCP and Shane sold me his last one. When I received it I was ecstatic, but after taking off the P-85 and lining up the R4-L to my dismay the wholes did not match the notch on the underside of the R4-L. So after about 4 hours of fiddeling and contemplating how to fit this without harming the shell, I decided to make a gasket much like the ones on the classic lugs for newer BB's so that I would have a strainer and it wouldnt damage the bead nor the shell until I figured out what's next.

I then found a forum where Ron Dunnett himself said the first batch of R4-L's, the wholes did not match because Ludwig raised there mounting holes by 3/16th of an inch. Obviously the one I received is the old batch from 2011 but now I am looking for the new batch that has no notch and has holes instead. I have found many sites online that sell the R4-L but no one can seem to tell me if it's the newer modified version or the original version. Has anyone here on this forum bought a R4-L that is compatible with "Newer Black Beauty's"? If so what site did you use? Can anyone post pics of what the newer R4-L looks like from a few angles?, so that I can distinguish what the difference is if any other then holes insteand of notches.

Any and all replies will be gratefully appreciated.


Also new here. I have a new Black Beauty, bought the Dunnett throw off and had the same problem as everyone else. I then took one of the screws from the original P85 strainer, put it at the top slot and then used one of the supplied Dunnett screws for the bottom slot annnnnnnnnnnnnnd IT WORKS!!!! No drilling & no modification to the throw off! I'll post some pics here in a bit.
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