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Virgil Donati is one of the most professional, most versatile and simply most amazing drummers of our time. And it is in our time only in which the best drummers exist, of course, because the boundaries have been pushed always further and further.
Now many could say of course that old drummers like buddy rich had better feel and so on.... well this is a matter of taste. Also that they were more entertaining and real superstars...Personally I donīt really care much for this entertaining thing and this whole flashyness, at least not in big bands.
People are saying here that the music Donati plays is often very boring and even "amateurish" which is a really bold and unfair statement I think. Ok I know that finnhiggins said especially his choice of parts is boring not the whole music and drumming and that there is no real release and tension in his playing and so on. I think statements like these are very dependent on opinion, which is ok, but by saying them the way some people said here, they seem like facts and really diminish all the greatness of this great drummer and musician.
It is really not fair to talk about Virgil that way , I have such huge respect for him, all the time he spend practicing on all things possible and dedicating his life to music and drums and then there is a huge load of negative comments about his drumming and music.

In my opinion this is a bit sad, I really enjoy his drumming, watching him....I donīt know any other drummer who plays with that passion and also that seriousness. For me drumming is also something very serious(which does not mean that it should not be fun as well). Look at his face while playing, so passionate, I think this man real embodies drumming.
Personally I enjoy his music(the things I know,at least), escpecially planet x

Now somebody also said that one can not always be friendly, even on this forum, and one has to be direct and clearly say his opinion no matter if it hurts someone....come on this forum is sometimes too friendly I think.Of course, there has to be respect but people are very indulgent here I think with many drummers and musicians who are not that good and deserve all that credit.
But why "bashing" virgil, does not make sense to me.
I didnīt want to offend anyone with this post, everyone can have his opinion of course, I just wanted something positive here to be written for such a great guy...maybe he will read this one day. My biggest respect for him
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