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Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Sorry, I don't have any hangover remedies to offer. Maybe one - don't drink in the first place (boring advice).

I was drunk once in my life. That was when I was in the German armed forces (the so-called Bundeswehr). Some comrades encouraged me to drink more than I could take (which is ridiculously low amounts of alcohol to begin with). I felt extremely bad (reportedly I've been saying "I don't wanna live any more"), had to vomit several times. Then they dragged me to the bathroom and turned on the shower. That helped a bit (also to clean up the clothes).

Lesson learned ;-)
That's the army for you!

I read a while back that Richard E. Grant is teetotal because of an allergy to alcohol. After being cast for the rôle of Withnail in 'Withnail and I', the staff decided to get him drunk just once so that he could understand some of the feelings that come with extreme inebriation. If I remember correctly, they persuaded him to drink a pint of vodka.

His acting in that film is absolutely superb.
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