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I'm not surprised the earasers aren't enough for hours of drumming. The even advertise that they only provide 19db at 3150hz, and less above and below that range. Probably OK for the occasional concert, but not for hours of exposure daily.

That said, your headaches may not be only from the sound coming in through your ears. I'd go talk to your doctor about the headaches. The could be migraine or tension head aches unrelated to the volume. Or they could be related to the volume, or even wearing the ear plugs.

There are lots of questions I'd ask in regards to headaches. Non medical ones would be:

Are you reading music while playing from a low music stand or table?
Are you playing drums in a small area?
Are the walls treated with some sound absorbing panels?
Do you wear glasses and is the prescription up to date?

Medical ones are just too much to get into here, and would relate to the headaches, other symptoms, medical history etc. Why I suggest you see your doc.
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