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Default Re: Big Ludwig Tubs - finally some pictures

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
20" floor toms rule! I'd love to have one again. Back in the day, I did a small paid tour with a 26" x 14" bass drum, 20" x 18" floor tom, & a 14" snare. No mounted tom (Bo would approve). Floor tom was always mic'd with a D12 TOP & BOTTOM! Oh man, did that thing thunder :)
Every time I set up my 18 someone always comments on how big they think it is. I would love to see a reaction to a 20, its like a bass drum!

ha Andy, you brought a small kit but it was so big it traveled like a larger kit ill bet. now you have an 8 or a ten from the looks of the clips, are you shrinking with age???
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