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Then again, he's Steve Gadd and we're... not.
Touché 8 mile! But I do think you make some excellent points. You've given me much to think about. Steve Gadd is my instructors ideal of the pinnacle of drumming so he would appreciate this as well. Really cool that you got to speak to him. Thanks for the feedback

But don't worry about losing your matched grip ability. Even if you totally switched over to traditional, you could get your matched chops back in no time. I think it's a lot harder the other way around.
Thanks John, that's exactly the kind of wisdom I was looking for. I also like your point about finding someone who teaches traditional grip. My instructor is a bit of a legend. Where I live, and he's been drumming for 50 some years, but admits that traditional grip is not his strong suit, though he says it does have some advantages. I am committed to working with him, but if I can find someone who's an expert on the traditional grip. I'll look to take a couple lessons at least. At this point my life. It's about the drumming journey more than the destination, so I'm really enjoying the process and I want to learn from wherever I can get good information. Thanks again

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